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Jennifer Carter-Bright

Jennifer Carter-Bright

Owner Operator

Jenn discovered grooming as a job when she was 18, November of 2001. She had been working various customer service jobs up to that point. Then she thought she wanted a job that she loved. So knowing her love for animals and remembering visiting her grandpa as a kid during the summer months helped her come up with an idea. Her grandpa always had his poodle freshly groomed for her visit. She loved brushing the dog when she was there to visit. So she thought, hey, I can be groomer.

Now here we are. Still grooming to this day. Grooming has given her so much joy. She loves the dogs and the people she gets to interact with. Grooming is the kind of job that there is always something new to learn and new techniques to figure out. New dogs to learn to work with and new ways of pampering them.